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My friend from Germany told me months ago that she was getting a tattoo. She moved back to Germany a while ago and we’ve lost touch since then but the day she got her tattoo (today) she sent me a picture and was telling me about the whole “first tattoo” experience and idk just the fact that she even thought about me enough to send me a picture of the tattoo (freshly done too. She was still in the shop) makes me really happy and ah. I thought we’ve completely lost contact but I guess not! :)

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Having No religion is fine. Not knowing is perfectly OK. Not believing in God is all right too. All religions have merit. Never judge, never hate. ONLY love. Spread it far. Spread it wide. ☮  ॐ

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the main thing i look forward to in life is raising dogs w/ someone i love

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i was scrolling through tumblr and was like “wow all these posts are so great my feed is fab rn” until i realized i was scrolling thru my own blog

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